Why You Need To Do The Right Thing, Now.

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ June 2, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 0 comments

Here’s a little message from a few friends of ours. COVID has shaken the world no matter your thoughts on it. Personally we have taken it seriously. The impact on the world but especially to my beloved country and countryman has been devastating. I am on the front line fighting for business interruption coverages business owners paid for. As always

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Why You Should Record Insurance Adjusters

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ April 23, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 2 comments

Recording while having insurance adjusters at your home is an essential idea. In this article, State Farm argued their representative may be harmed by the recording. The courts disagreed. Video record their vendors who work on the home especially if they are forced on you along with the adjusters and engineers.This is to keep your insurance company honest and to adhere to the truth documented. Having a video recording leaves no questions unanswered. It will cause no room to take back anything that is said

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How To Make Money During Covid-19

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ March 22, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 3 comments

We are all faced with an unchartered road ahead in America. Covid-19 will change everything for us as a society. New things will occupy our time and thoughts for months. This is a great time to think out of the box. We are all sitting around the house trying to figure out life and more importantly money. I pray; in

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Insurance Strategy: Having A Fair Shot

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ March 10, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 0 comments

  Insurance is generally a “mystery-product” that property owners buy, many times out of obligation, but know very little about. You have to know about this stuff because it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. It secures one of your largest investments: your property. While you probably don’t think much about your insurance company or the policy you

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Mr. Odeh’s Story

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ March 9, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 0 comments

  Tony Odeh operates Boss Public Adjusting. He is recognized as an expert in state and federal courts in handling insurance claims and contracting matters. He is experienced in handling large commercial and residential claims. He is highly effective in his craft and has over thirty years of experience in claim and construction matters. He is licensed in multiple states

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State Farm Faces Criminal Investigation Over Hurricane Claims

Tony "The Boss" Odeh/ March 6, 2020/ The Boss Blog/ 0 comments

  State Farm Insurance, the nation’s largest home insurer, faces a new criminal investigation in Texas related to how it handled potentially tens of thousands of hurricane claims there, ABC News has learned exclusively. Gregg Cox, who leads the public integrity unit of the Travis County District Attorney’s office in Austin, confirmed to ABC News his investigators recently launched the

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