What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is an intentional act that defaces, destroys, or otherwise damages another’s property without permission.

What should I do if a theft or act of vandalism took place?

Anyone who has had something stolen or damaged by the hand of someone else is always uncomfortable to deal with. Being a victim of theft or vandalism can be emotional. If you find that your property has been stolen or vandalized make a police report. Most theft and vandalism claims are supported by a police report filed at the time it took place. It’s important to make a record of the event and having a police report will help.

Is theft and vandalism an insurable claim?

Most theft and/or vandalism claims are covered under your insurance policy. It is up to the policyholder, to make sure that the authorities have all the information about  your theft and/or vandalism claim. If you find out more items were stolen or additional damages are found you can always update your claim file at a later date.

My business experienced a theft/act of vandalism. Am I covered?

This depends on the insurance you purchased. In some cases of  theft/ vandalism would be covered. I suggest not trusting your agent or insurer to give advice on what your policy covers.  A public adjuster can help determine what you qualify for. In many situations the theft or act of vandalism can also affect your business income. You may have business interruption coverage to supplement loss revenue if your operation experiences a loss in revenue as a result of the theft or vandalism.

Pre loss contracts with a public adjuster:

Being prepared before a loss is the key. Working with a claims loss professional will help identify how your policy will react to any claims made against it. Having a public adjuster as part of your risk management beyond your insurance agent will bring peace in knowing that the insurance products bought will function and protect you as planned.

How do I prove ownership of an item after it was stolen?

Proving ownership of items stolen is always a challenge. Insurance is tricky and anyone handling a claim is no match for the system. Insurance companies are pros in handling claims. Creating a list and knowing how to prove ownership. Getting what you're owed won’t be easy no matter who’s handling this kind of claim. Public adjusters have the unique skills to successfully recover the money you’re owed. It’s always a good idea to make an inventory of items you own and take videos or pictures before a loss. Our pre loss contracts do that for you. It might sound weird but thinking ahead is important.


Discovering you were a victim of an act of vandalism on your property or vehicle makes a person mad at first. Then your thought wonders whether your insurance will cover it. In any standard commercial or residential policy. Even when it’s clear it isn’t. Insurance policies have certain pitfalls. Having a public adjuster in place to ask about your losses is always best. Certain conditions apply, one of them is a vacancy clause. Most policies require a property to be occupied, any vacancy of 30/60 days depending on the policy could void coverage. Additional coverage can be bought to cover you during a vacancy period beyond what’s in the policy. At The Claims Boss we offer a pre-loss contract that deals with issues like this.

Tips to Preventing Home Theft and/or Vandalism

  • Keep your windows clear of bushes and branches. 
  • Keep any exterior lights and/or motion detectors mounted away from easy reach.
  • Check any alarm system regularly and make sure door locks, security cameras are all working.
  • If you have sliding glass doors, considering investing in a specialized lock for them, as sliding glass doors portray easy entry.
  • Make sure windows have working locks.
  • Call the police if you see suspicious people or activity in your neighborhood.
  • Notify neighbors when your gone, have them be alert if they see flashlights being used in your home.