What is mediation? How does mediation work? How to prepare for mediation?

Most insurance policies have progressive steps known as, “duties of an insured”. Once a claimant submits all the required documents, forms, estimates, property, inventory loss forms, and anything that supports their claim, the insurer has a duty to investigate and seek a resolution. But if your main argument is the amount of a claim, policies will have forms of arbitration built into them. One potential condition is the mediation clause. This is sometimes a requirement by way of the insurance policy terms and conditions, other times it is voluntary. Your insurance policy dictates whether the results are binding. This generally does not prevent loss victims from suing their property insurer if an amicable resolution is not found. Making sure your insurance claim is moving, our professional public adjusters are qualified to not only document, assemble, organize and represent insurable loss victims. We are approved to advocate for our clients at the mediation. We have many years of experience and have mastered this process which has resulted in many testimonies.

The State of Florida’s insurance commissioner also has created its own alternative version of mediation. This is for when no other option is available because of the type of insurance policy in use. This mediation is only available for residential policy holders having an active dispute over claim value and to some extent coverage issues. The State of Florida pays for the process and provides its own appointee to serve as a neutral mediator. If your file is well assembled including good evidence of the damage, causation, and repair costs, this is a possible option besides having to litigate.

Preparing for a mediation is a precursor for litigation. If your file is proper and all your forms are in line, your insurer will settle. This allows loss victims to keep their claim costs low, avoiding the traditional 40% taken by attorneys not including experts and filing costs. Suing your insurance company should be the absolute last thing a person does. Our public adjusters habitually resolve insurance claims by estimating only what a claim is worth. A resolution of an insurance claim is a compromise by all parties. Establishing claim amounts, is in large part, is opinion driven. Our experts stand up to the scrutiny of state and federal courts alike to testify about our findings. We make sense, our claim packages make a difference. Insurance companies know it and eventually decide to cut their losses by just paying claims fairly. The secret to a claim is patience, experience, and skill.