What is a Pre-loss contract? Why you should sign a pre loss contract.

When a loss happens at your home or business, even from an indirect loss event, knowing what to do is critical in many cases. If the loss happens at a property you own or control, the only person responsible for the proper navigation becomes you. Understanding the concepts of insurance and liability become some of the most important after thoughts people have and regret not knowing beforehand. It is in this moment people become overwhelmed and forced to trust people.

Our goal is to introduce ourselves before a loss ever happens. We have teams that work together to make sure when disaster strikes, you are ready. We are insurance loss experts that protect the policy holders. Having a team of experts document the condition of your property, review possible risks, inventory your valuables. Understanding on a personal level your possible exposures is all part of our pre-loss contracts. Confirming proper insurance coverages are in place, and having a recovery plan, before loss happens is critical. We all buy insurance, but no one really ever understands the claims process. Insurance companies hire adjusters, so should you. Having your own public adjuster as part of your important contacts matters. It matters even before loss ever happens. Knowing about deductibles, depreciation, building costs, replacement values of business, and personal property set you up strategically to gain a claim approval advantage faster than most.

Many times, claims are made improperly, causing a denial simply because loss victims don’t speak insurance. Other times they are faced with an obstacle because they just don’t know how to ask for the benefit they paid for. Insurers have no duty to teach you how to best position your claim for coverage. Our pre-loss contracts allow our staff not only to make the claim for you, but be the sole contact while streamlining the claims recovery process. Having prepared documents in advance of losses make claim submissions problem free.

Many times, people use their own insurance when it is the liability of a third party. There is no sense in making a claim on your own policy when it is avoidable. Knowing when it is worth making a claim and who the claim should be made against is a niche. Using your insurance in part affects your annual premiums. Having your own insurance loss expert to help analyze losses and properly distribute the loss to the proper parties saves you in future premium dollars. Insurance claims stay on a policy holders claim record for seven years, it is best to avoid making small or third-party style claims whenever possible. Having a knowledgeable source to contact, designed to protect and utilize insurance products properly, gives you a life advantage and sets you apart from most.

Know what you’re paying for before a loss happens, many times an existing insurance policy review discovers over insurance, underinsurance, or gaps in coverage. None of these are good and have its own consequence, all are avoidable by having a second set of eyes looking over your loss risk exposures, before experiencing a loss.