Why You Need To Do The Right Thing, Now. – Nader Anthony Odeh

Nader Anthony Odeh/ June 2, 2020/ Anthony Odeh, Nader "Anthony" Odeh, The Boss Blog

Here’s a little message from a few friends of ours. COVID has shaken the world no matter your thoughts on it. Personally, we have taken it seriously. The impact on the world but especially to my beloved country and countryman has been devastating. I am on the front line fighting for business interruption coverages business owners paid for. As always insurers look to justify why they may not owe. As the rich get richer at the expense of others. We are a voice for the little guy. Even when the little guy isn’t little, in the shadow of an insurer we are all little even the biggest guy cant compare to a wealthy insurer. We are reviewing business policies for crutches coverages that maybe what’s saves our small business and ultimately the community. We will never be the same. The hopes are that we become stronger and smarter. We are Americans!

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