Judge Sues Allstate Over Home Destroyed In Fire – Nader Anthony Odeh

Nader Anthony Odeh/ May 12, 2020/ The Boss Blog

This is a sad turn of events for anyone. This goes to show us several things. First and foremost insurance companies operate blind. Some insurers have a reputation to fight their policyholders even reaching deep into a wound and messing with fundamentals items that mess with the well being of their insured to torchure them if policyholder turned claimant doesn’t submit to them. In this situation they even inflicted their painful tactics to a federal judge. I do not know the details but can assure you even being a judge he was no match for the insurers paid adjuster. I would bet that had he known about the value a public adjuster brings in a claim his claim may not have ended in this mess. However this insurer and other ones seem on tv adds generally play hard ball when people are hurting the most.

Everyone who purchases insurance needs to know a good public adjuster. Boss Public Adjusting specialize in pre loss contracts that allow proper insurance coverages are in place and document in advance personal property and overall property condition.

A Long Island federal judge named to the bench after exposing the denial of payouts to homeowners from insurance companies following superstorm Sandy, has sued Allstate for stalling on his claim about an electrical fire that destroyed his home.
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