Why You Should Record Insurance Adjusters – Nader Anthony Odeh

Nader Anthony Odeh/ April 23, 2020/ The Boss Blog

Recording while having insurance adjusters at your home is an essential idea. In this article, State Farm argued their representative may be harmed by the recording. The courts disagreed. Video record their vendors who work on the home especially if they are forced on you along with the adjusters and engineers.

This is to keep your insurance company honest and to adhere to the truth documented. Having a video recording leaves no questions unanswered. It will cause no room to take back anything that is said out loud. On top of that, it will display if they performed their job correctly and to industry standard. Repeatedly, vendors will mention things aloud and not follow through with actions, but if you secure evidence and proof then it is possible to hold them accountable. This is just one of many tips that we can offer you more if you look further into the website.

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