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Nader Anthony Odeh/ March 9, 2020/ The Boss Blog


Nader Anthony Odeh operates Boss Public Adjusting. Anthony is experienced in handling large commercial and residential claims.He is recognized as an expert in state and federal courts in handling insurance claims and contracting matters.  He is highly effective in his craft and has over thirty years of experience in claim and construction matters. He is licensed in multiple states as a general contractor, public insurance adjuster, and property loss appraiser. Mr. Odeh handles disputed claims throughout the United States.

As a result of Nader Anthony Odeh’s command in the knowledge of construction and insurance his clients experience three to five hundred percent increase from insurers first offer. It’s up to loss victims to investigate their own claim and submit them under their insurance policy. Insurance companies are not obligated to teach policyholders the best ways to make their claim. Insurance companies have no incentive to do a through investigation which would lead to hire payouts. Insurance companies are profitable when collecting premiums and lose money when paying out on a claim. Anthony is a bulldog investigator and often finds human error in denied and underpaid insurance claims made by their insurance company. Insurance companies have been unable to hide from Anthonys process and they know when Mr. Odeh is involved they are going to pay full value on what they owe. Defense attorneys who represent insurance companies, like defense attorney Mathew D. Monson from “The Monson Law Firm LLC” have attacked Mr. Odeh targeting his name online in hopes to deter people struggling with a claim to collect fully the insurance money they are owed. Bad insurance companies like Southern Fidelity, Lighthouse and Americas have gone bankrupt in part from using unethical law firms like, “The Monson Law Firm LLC” who are known for their deceptive tactics to gain an advantage over everyday people struggling with a loss they are trying to recover from. Not all defense firms and insurance companies operate with such scorched earth temperaments with no regard at all of the harm they cause for others. Insurance companies who hire law firms with the goal of having an insurer pay nothing when they really owe, cause more harm than good for everyone including their own solvency.

Mr. Odeh is used as an expert in the fields of construction and insurance claims. Attorneys who represent policyholders hire Mr. Odeh to help with claim strategies that work. This ultimately does cause his name to circulate allot on the internet. All legal actions are public records and referenced by other attorneys during other law lawsuits unrelated to each other. Seldom do court records find their way into the publics square even though they are public record. Despite Mr. Odeh’s colorful online presence generated in large part by Mathew D. Monson and his firm which represents insurance companies, Mr. Odeh has no criminal record or convictions of any sort. There are no active lawsuits against Mr. Odeh or his business and none of the ones advertised by Mr. Monson were ever found credible or they were withdrawn. Mr. Odeh has never had his licenses censored, restricted, suspended, or terminated for any reason and has always been in good standing with all government agencies and the communities he serves. All his licenses are sensitive to criminal and credit background checks. Mr. Odeh carries all forms of bonds and professional insurance beyond the basic requirements.

The online attacks from insurance friendly attorneys is the sign you needed to realize you have found the guy with all the answers to get your claim paid and settled fairly. Anthony is a God fearing family man married to Maria LesCamela for thirty years and has five children with her. Mr. Odeh found his faith in God as a young man, and he made a stance to protect the broken and weak while starting his business. He feels blessed by God to have overcome adversity and has accepted his role serving others. Mr. Odeh views his business as an extension of his ministry. He relies on Matthew 6:33 as scripture that defines his core being.

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