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Nader Anthony Odeh/ March 9, 2020/ The Boss Blog


Tony Odeh operates Boss Public Adjusting. He is recognized as an expert in state and federal courts in handling insurance claims and contracting matters. He is experienced in handling large commercial and residential claims. He is highly effective in his craft and has over thirty years of experience in claim and construction matters. He is licensed in multiple states as a general contractor, public insurance adjuster, and property loss appraiser. As a result of his commitment to honesty and his clients’ best interests, he has made enemies, whether insurance defense attorneys or lazy plaintiff attorneys who know little about insurance matters but charge large fees on little recovery money. “Any bad service providers are a target if they intend to harm loss victims,” says Mr. Odeh. Despite having pushback, his loyalty to his clients has helped him make a name for himself everywhere he goes. Mr. Odeh’s business has only grown over the past three decades while helping thousands of businesses and homeowners recover. His systems are time-proven to be effective. His clients always benefit from his service and efforts.

Mr. Odeh works with large amounts of other people’s money and has a responsibility to the families and business he contracts with. He voluntarily subjects himself to scrutiny by insurance commissioners and building departments in multiple states. Part of his licensing requirements is to pass extensive criminal background and credit checks, secure several specialty insurances, volunteer five sets of fingerprints to five government agencies, pass state competency exams, and complete annual continuing education courses to stay on top of changes in insurance laws and current building codes. Mr. Odeh can never be convicted of any crimes nor have any judgments against him in order to maintain good standing with the agencies who govern him and his business. In thirty years of caring for his professional licenses, none of them have ever been disrupted, challenged or suspended, despite the best efforts of his competition and adversaries.

Mr. Odeh’s family was struck with tragedy when his father drowned saving his other son the same day Mr. Odeh was born. He watched his mother struggle while crooked attorneys on both sides that took advantage of his family in their worst moments. Mr. Odeh found his faith in God as a young man, and he made a stance to protect the broken and weak while starting his business. He has been married to Maria Odeh for over twenty-five years and has five children. He is committed to his family while helping people in their worst moments. He feels blessed by God to have overcome adversity and has obligated himself to serve others. Mr. Odeh lives his life as an extension of what he believes to be his ministry. He relies on Matthew 6:33 as scripture that defines his core being.

Our website has helpful video tutorials, blogs, and a free claim manual. Mr. Odeh recognizes there are physical limitations to what he can do, so he has made these resources to share his knowledge from experience in hopes of giving average people a chance in their recovery. He can handle claims in all states in America. Mr. Odeh encourages property owners who haven’t encountered a loss to contact his office for a review of risks and existing coverages. If you are a property owner with a loss or know someone who had a loss, contact his office for a free consultation.

Call toll-free 1-866-658-8665.

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