How To Make Money During Covid-19 – Nader Anthony Odeh

Nader Anthony Odeh/ March 22, 2020/ The Boss Blog

We are all faced with an unchartered road ahead in America. Covid-19 will change everything for us as a society. New things will occupy our time and thoughts for months. This is a great time to think out of the box. We are all sitting around the house trying to figure out life and more importantly money. I pray; in a moment I saw a great way I can help in a small way to a sector of people.  Any property owner who had an insurance claim on your home or business in the last 5 years whether it was a fire, theft, vandalism, hurricane, sewer line problems, plumbing leaks, roof leaks,  brown spots in your ceilings and much more can get a fresh look on these old circumstances. Old claims can be re-opened and checked for the money you are still owed but never claimed.

I’ve handled insurance claims for thirty years and have assembled the best experts in every field possible. I’m an active contractor and licensed public insurance adjuster which means I can only represent policyholders and never an insurance company.  I’m used as an expert in construction and claim handling as a testifying expert. My team helps a lot of attorneys in building winning legal strategies and settling property claims against insurance companies that improperly deny or underpay a claim. My team can help open any insurance claim new or old on your home or business. Because of the complex nature of handling a claim, many mistakes are made by the adjuster who represented your insurance company and the property owner which leaves lots of money owed on the table still. Adjusters have zero training in construction or estimating. They are required to know state insurance laws and what policies say and do. But nothing that relates to construction.

While we all spend more time at home with this virus threat, the property we occupy will become damaged in different ways. Keep Boss Public Adjusting in mind when anything goes wrong. In minutes we can tell you if your damage is covered and what’s it worth the first time. We are your guide through the claims process keeping you in control. Using us to handle your insurance claims will assure your collecting all of what owed. 

Our process has evolved over the years and in most cases, My team can review pictures, insurance policies, and old estimates and recover money on old and new claims. In keeping with the idea of moving forward with life, but in a more sterile approach while keeping with being quarantined we can help handle your old and new claims remotely. This is not new for us as we handle insurance claims nationally and remotely using the best in today’s technology. Together we can make sure you recover all the money you’re owed while limiting any contamination or exposures to the new virus threat.

You can never lose with our service because you get the best and most caring team of experts when you have trouble. If after we talk and review your claim material and it makes sense for everyone to get involved we can discuss working together. There are no out of pocket expenses to you when you hire us. We only get paid a portion of any new money we recover that you would have never collected on your own. It’s a win, win for everyone. Nothing we do harms your relationship with your insurance company. Making a claim alone will cause an increase in premium, not the amount you recover. You only pay us if and when we recover money for you. Call us today and see what money you are still owed!

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